Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Recognising Cultural Marxism

The importance of understanding Cultural Marxism and those who willingly and unwillingly push it, is crucial to understanding what has happened to the societies our parents and grandparents once lived in. To them, todays society is a world away from what they knew and respected. There is no comparison, society's moral and social decline has been gradual and now it is at the point of almost no return.

How much more different could two societies be, a society built on a common heritage, morals, tradition, culture and family values has been transformed purposefully into a society based on decadence, immorality, and a rejection of common heritage, morality, culture, family values and is now determined to destroy itself from within.

This was the intention, it wasn't a natural progression of a successful society. It was orchestrated subversion of the masses, brainwashed to believe that they were somehow oppressed by the old society, and through thier indoctrination now see themselves as free of that 'oppression'. It has resulted in a chronic illness that now has infected society as a whole.

Most people can see the change, they recognise that things are not how they should be. On the streets they see it, in thier changing communities, on television programmes, in music, in films, in advertising, they see that something is very wrong yet they dont understand why it is the way it is.

We are bombarded with Cultural Marxist propaganda, we are subject to repeated Cultural Marxist conditioning. Every institution is riddled with it, most important to the Cultural Marxist being the media and education system. Those who can falsify history and replace it with creative history can control the thought process of the future. Control the education of future generations and you have a production line of people serving the sinister agenda that is the aim of the culture destroyers. Without control of education and media, the Cultural Marxists and thier unwitting allies would not have had such an impact on the culture and we would not be living in such disturbing times.

Education and the media whilst important to the Cultural Marxists, are only part of the assault on our nations. The indoctrination of our youth needed more than an idea, it needed a visual aid that supported the idea. Multiculturalism being one such visual aid, the minority groups that came as a result of enforced multiculturalism were to become the focus of the Cultural Marxist assault on White Western culture. They were automatically labeled as oppressed due to the inherently 'racist' nature of White Western civilisation.

This false idea was drummed into our youth, they accepted what they were taught and took on the 'burden' of false White guilt. And in turn, they became opposed to thier own culture and people exactly as was intended. They now believe multiculturalism to be 'enriching' 'diversifying'. They believe it is pay back for all of the historical 'wrong doing' of thier own ancestors. They see mass immigration as natural and not as damaging and intentional. They see thier own identity and 'privilege' as being oppressive, and so they must do everything they can to now empower the minorities. They repeat the words of the Cultural Marxist dictionary, tolerance, diversity, racist, fascist, imperialism, colonialism.

Multiculturalism alone still wasn't enough to destroy the dominant culture, the assault included the undermining of the traditional family. Radical feminism and the militant homosexual agenda became important to the Cultural Marxists, both of these were ideal in the attack on the traditional family and the dominant religion which are both primary targets in order for the culture to be destroyed. It is well documented that the Cultural Marxists saw Christianity as the main reason why Communist revolution failed to materialise throughout Europe.

The militant homosexual agenda is now part of the process which indoctrinates our youth from the very earliest age. This agenda which is empowered by the Cultural Marxist philosophy sinks its claws into the minds of children at an impressionable age. In doing so they sew the seeds of doubt as to the validity and sanctity of the natural and traditional family.

This seed grows as the child grows and with further conditioning and 'nurturing' the child grows into the desired Cultural Marxist end product, ie a person who questions and criticises every truth and reality that society had realised. They will support all false ideas and believe that these ideas are a product of the new enlightened world free of all those 'oppressive' old values and traditions. This conditioned robotic criticising mindset applies to every aspect of the 'new' culture including race, gender, religion, sexuality, culture etc. They deconstruct and rebuild the culture through distortions and lies using these to further advance thier end goal.

Radical feminism is an extreme version of what feminism was originally meant to be about. The aim of having the right to vote, and to work etc was a commendable aim, and I think pretty much everybody would agree that it is now the case that women do vote and participate in politics. Women do work and earn thier own money and therefore have thier own independence in that sense.

What Radical feminism has done and what Cultural Marxism has harnessed, is to now use that original commendable aim and turn it into an incessant attack on the family and the role of men and women in a natural society. Radical feminism is a world apart from the original aims of womens rights.

The overriding aim of radical feminism is to supplant the family which they would have us believe is oppressing women and children, and that the father as head of the family is the root of that oppression. To understand where radical feminism originates from one only has to read the 'Abolition of the Family' in the Communist Manifesto which implies the idea that women are seen as nothing but a source of production.

Those behind radical feminism are Communists, many quotes and ideological allegiances of radical feminists are Communist in origin.

In a 2002 book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation, feminist historian Kate Weigand states: "ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women's movement of the 1960s and later."

Communists pioneered the political and cultural analysis of woman's oppression. They originated "women's studies," and advocated public daycare, birth control, abortion and even children's rights. They forged key feminist concepts such as "the personal is the political" and techniques such as "consciousness raising."

The "diversity" and "multicultural" movements represent Communism's attempt to empower and use other minorities, gays and "people of color," to further undermine the majority (European, Christian) culture.
This is Communism in its new form as Cultural Marxism.

All of these sub sections of Cultural Marxism, when combined represent a devastating ideological transformational form of Communism, which has moved away from its original idea that the workers would help bring about thier revolution. The workers did not support Communism, they were patriotic and religious and therefore Communism was of no interest to them. They fought for thier nations during WW1 and they were part of families that had religion as thier foundation.

This is where Cultural Marxism sought to transform old ideas into new successful ideas. They recognised the failings and the reasons why the workers of the world did not unite. They identified the cultural foundations of the West as being the major obstacles to the Communist revolution, and through combining various forms of psychological subversion they set about the dismantling of the foundations of the culture that stood in thier way. This was called by Antonio Gramsci "the long march through the institutions."

The ideas of Sigmund Freud were incorperated into the Cultural Marxist philosophy and came to be known as Freudo Marxism. This branch of Cultural Marxist subversion gave rise to the sexual revolution which promoted promiscuity and sexual freedoms. This was useful in the attack on the family and the moral foundations of society as it gave rise to the notion that sexual liberation was liberation from the old values of Christianity.

Each of the things mentioned here in this post are very in depth subjects and cannot be fully explained in one single blog. In fact, a book of many hundreds of pages would be needed to fully explain and dissect all of the individual aspects of Cultural Marxism and how they have come to infest our societies.

Alot of the terms and belief systems of Cultural Marxists are over complicated to most people. They neither have the time or desire to want to fully understand the roots of Cultural Marxist thinking and this is of a great advantage to the Cultural Marxists at the heart of our institutions. Many would prefer a simplified explanation of what it is and that is understandable. It doesnt take much explanation to see that society and our culture are being eroded.

The responses of those who deny Cultural Marxisms existence are an example as to how far thier minds have been twisted and filled with an array of ridiculous ideas. In thier case, education doesn't always mean intelligence in fact quite the opposite. Intelligence is not the ability to repeat what they have been indoctrinated with, nor is it the ability to try and discredit reality with false disgust and horror and a disbelief of views different from thier own, with the intention of making those legitimate views seem totally implausible to the fence sitter.

Awareness of Cultural Marxism and its origins and aims is growing. The control over the education system, media and entertainment aswel as our politics, police and all other institutions did not bank of the freedom of information the world wide web would provide. They may have thier shackles on many of our people, and they may have done extensive damage to our nations and people, but they have only have that control over us so long as we allow them too.

It is said it would take 20 years to reverse the psychological manipulation of our people. It starts with you, research Cultural Marxism and realise the damage it has caused. If you are of a sane mind then you will easily see that what has gone wrong in society is a direct result of Cultural Marxism, and all those who seek the total destruction of the White Western world. Make your children aware of what to expect in school.

Mentally arm them with a resistance to the brainwashing process, and through them we may see the reversal begin. If we continue to lose generation after generation to the education system and its sinister aims then the result is quite simple, we lose forever our culture, our nations and the foundations that made us what we once were.

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