Friday, 9 August 2013

Slutwalk in Brazil

Slutwalk in Brazil degenerates into the usual feminist/gay activist filth.



  1. How many years will it take for UK gay pride parades to degenerate to this satanic level? I saw someone at a Belfast walk with a T shirt which said "God is a Fag". I don't suppose it will stop there.

    There are many people these days who are atheist. The images above show actions of those whom you would imagine are possesed by some demonic force. When they are strong, they are weak. The more they show their hand, hopefully more people will return to God and the natural order.

  2. You dont debate with Marxists, You Smash them....

  3. Isso é coisa de psicopata

  4. This is why the Jewish gay journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is making his name from the Snowdan NSA spy scandal has a Brazilian boy friend and is living in Brazil. He hopes to use the spy scandal and the threat of privacy to gain acceptance for his homosexuality and to debauch Brazil in the process. Brazil is the most populous nation in Latin America and with a large Christian population. These degenerates will stop at nothing to debase traditional values and to make Brazil and the rest of Latin America as devoid of values as the USA. This is all part of the global Judaization process.



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