Thursday, 29 August 2013

We Are The White Working Class and We Have Had Enough.

We are the White working class of Britain and we have had enough:

Enough of your failed anti-white Multicultural agenda. Enough of your brainwashing controlled media conditioning our young to embrace their own ethnic and cultural demise. Enough of your Cultural Marxist education system brainwashing our children into becoming subservient foot soldiers of your enforced Multicultural state.

Enough of political traitors using our military to fight wars for foreign namely Israeli interests. Enough of the controlled media and dumbing down of our people. Enough of the lies of the traitors that govern us. Enough of the never ending assault on our ethnic and cultural heritage to facilitate your 'world with no borders' ideology.

Enough of our young being groomed by Muslims and our police and scum politicians being to scared to bring it to the publics attention for fear of being labelled racist. Enough of our local councils facilitating the Islamification of British towns and cities. Enough of Political Correctness and ridiculous hate laws created to shut us up for exerting our right to freedom of speech and expression, after all it is our country not the politicians or the judges or the medias.

Enough of Eastenders type miscegenation propaganda by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation.

Enough of our police being used as a political force to enforce the anti British political will of the globalist politicians. Enough of black history month and no White history month. Enough of the Mobos and no Mowos. Enough of positive discrimination against Whites. Enough of anti White racism ignored by the media and government. Enough of the farce you call a democracy which is no more than tyranny dressed up to appear to be leading the way, yet is a closed door 'democracy' favouring only the 3 established parties who are no different and all serve the same globalist agenda.

Enough of government and media lies about a need for diversity and Multiculturalism and enrichment. Enough of militant homosexuality. Enough of anti Christian sentiments being pushed through all British institutions. Enough of Cultural Marxism. Enough of the anti British anti White UAF, SWP, and other assorted so called 'anti racist' groups who are in reality anti white.

Enough of our universities being used to allow the spread of Communism/cultural marxism dressed up under various guises but Communism/cultural marxism nevertheless. Enough of Zionist manipulation of foreign policy, banking, media, entertainment and education.

Enough of far left groups campaigning against the interests of the white working class. Enough of the far left unions deceiving us saying that they stand for our rights when they stand for everything that is damaging to the indigenous people of this country and the nation itself. Enough of seeing our country being socially engineered, enough of being forced to accept, and our children being brainwashed, to accept their own demographic genocide that serves only the globalist agenda of both the far left and the 'elite.'

Enough of political and media attacks against the indigenous British people, enough of the lies about the need for immigration. Enough of the undercutting of our tradesmen by cheap imported foreign labour. Enough of not having our voices heard. Enough of political parties that stand up for the interests of whites being demonised by media and the established and corrupt political system.

Enough of creative history, enough of being force fed a version of history that is false. Enough of being told we have white privilege. Enough of being told our history is one of evil. Enough of being told whites were responsible for slavery when whites were the first to be enslaved.

Enough of the never ending assault on our people, nation, history and culture.

Enough of the agenda that by 2066 will see us as the minority in our own nation.

We the White working class reject all of the above. We want our country to be governed by people with the interests of the indigenous British people first and foremost.

We reject Multiculturalism, we reject political correctness, we reject the lies of the Communist 'working class struggle'. The Communist left wing lunatics idea of working class struggle is detrimental to the White working class. It is the enemy of the White working class and favours and pursues a world with no National borders, they would put the rights of foreign workers arriving today on a par with you, your children your family who have lived and worked here all your lives as have generations of your family.

Time and again we hear the cries of 'racist' 'fascist' and 'Nazi' by these people who despise the White European ethnic and cultural identity of our people, their aim is to eradicate what they see as white privilege and 'white' power structure. Since when has the White working class been privileged, we have been the work horse of the greatest Nation ever to have existed and we wish to reclaim our Nation from those who have used and abused it for personal profit and for an ideology that has always sought to undermine the Nation in order to destroy it.

We the White working class say reject Communism/cultural marxism and its lies, reject the failed political system and its lies, reject Multiculturalism and its lies, reject the media and its lies, reject the education system and its lies, reject creative history and its lies, reject 'anti racism' and its lies.

Anti Racist is a code word for Anti White. Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everyone. We all know that this is true despite the lefties and politicians lies to claim otherwise. So just how is this enforced 'diversity' and enforced 'enrichment' good for the White working class? IT ISN'T.

The media tells you it is, the education system tells you it is, your government tells you it is, the Marxists tell you it is, the judges tell you it is, your TV programmes tell you it is, so ask yourself why it is all about forcing the White working class to accept what the traitors amongst us have created. Why should we the White working class stand for this any longer. It is time to stand up and be counted, to use your vote wisely and reject the currently corrupt political system. To educate your children about the evils of brainwashing media, education and entertainment.

To educate yourselves about the truth surrounding the Multicultural agenda. To wake up out of your slumber and fight for our childrens and grandchildrens future. Take the time to consider the truth, because truth is treason in the empire of lies and that is why we are shackled and naively accept what is happening to Britain. We the White working class hold the key to the resurrection of our Nation. We are the victims of traitors in government who have sold us and our people out. We do not need Multiculturalism, we do not need political correctness, we do not need diversity we do not need enrichment and we don't need Zionist control of our media, government and banking.

It is we, the white working class that are being discriminated against, it is we who are being demographically replaced. It is the white working class having to suffer the impact of forced multiculturalism in our communities. The white working class are the true minority in terms of global populations, as an ethnic group we are a global minority yet we are being told that mass immigration, multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance are 'good for us' who in their right mind would fall for such lies.

It will be our children that will suffer in the decades ahead, once again how is anything that the left, the government and media do or say, any good for our childrens future.

Lastly, we may be working class but we are white, and no matter what class you are apart from those traitors involved at the very top we are all having our nations and ethnic identity destroyed, if we don't recognise the precarious position of our ethnic and cultural identity then we are doomed to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

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