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Stop and Search is not 'racism' but necessary when statistical facts of crime by race is taken into consideration

On the BBC 'free speech' programme this week, one of the topics for discussion was stop and search. They were attempting to portray stop and search as discriminating against blacks saying that blacks are 7 times more likely to be stopped than whites.

'Racial discrimination' is the argument of liberals and the non-whites especially blacks. They never stop to consider the statistical facts, it is only ever a result of 'discrimination.' If the majority of people committing certain crimes wore bowler hats, then id say it is only right and proper that people wearing bowler hats were more likely to be stopped and searched.

If whites were involved in certain crimes more so than non-whites, then as a white man I would have no problem in whites being stopped and searched more so than non-whites, and non-whites and leftists wouldn't be complaining then, but, as we have said, they never consider the statistical facts of crime broken down by race. I have been stopped and searched numerous times, and I grew up in what you might call a 'diverse' area. I never complained about discrimination, or being racially profiled. I might not like the political tools in the police force, and I may not enjoy being stopped by them out of the blue for no apparent reason, but im even less likely to cry racial discrimination because of it.

When the statistics are added into the stop and search issue, then I dont see what the problem is. Wouldn't you think they would be happy that the police are trying to beat crime using the statistics provided to aid them in doing so.

Lets take a look at some of these statistics for crime broken down by race in the UK:

Key statistics:

• Proportionally, blacks in England and Wales commit significantly more violent crimes – of all kinds – than whites
• Blacks are 6.6 times more likely than whites to commit murder
• Blacks are 7.3 times more likely than whites to commit firearms offences
• Blacks are 3.7 times more likely than whites to commit rape
• Blacks commit over a quarter of robberies in England and Wales, despite being only 3.3% of the population.

They are over 12 times more likely than whites to commit robbery

• Proportionally, Asians commit marginally more violent crime than whites.

They are more likely to commit murder, rape and robbery, and less likely to possess firearms, blades, or steal from a person.

The data:


Population of England and Wales, source: 2011 ONS Census
White – 48,209,395 (85.97%)
[White British – 45,134, 686 – 80.48%]
Black – 1,864,890 (3.32%)
Asian – 3,820,390 (6.81%)
Chinese – 393,141 (0.7%)
Mixed race – 1,224,400 (2.18%)
Arab – 230,600 (0.41%)
Other – 333,096 (0.59%)
Total – 56,075,912


Offenders found guilty of selected offences by ethnicity in England and Wales, 2011, source: MoJ (Ministry of Justice)


White – 223 (65.01%)
Black – 57 (16.61%)
Asian – 29 (8.45%)
Other – 4 (1.16%)
Not stated – 30 (8.74%)
Total – 343
Blacks are 6.6 times more likely than whites to commit murder

Asians are 1.6 times more likely than whites to commit murder

Rape/attempted rape:

White – 820 (71.11%)
Black – 118 (10.23%)
Asian – 85 (7.37%)
Other – 34 (2.94%)
Not stated – 96 (8.32%)
Total – 1153

Blacks are 3.7 times more likely than whites to commit rape.

Asians are 1.3 times more likely than whites to commit rape

Robbery/assault with intent to rob:

White – 5054 (54.54%)
Black – 2377 (25.65%)
Asian – 730 (7.87%)
Other – 279 (3.01%)
Not stated – 825 (8.90%)
Total – 9265

Blacks are 12.2 times more likely than whites to commit robbery.

Asians are 1.8 times more likely than whites to commit robbery.

Stealing from the person of another:

White – 4514 (67.47%)
Black – 682 (10.19%)
Asian – 301 (4.49%)
Other – 226 (3.37%)
Not stated – 967 (14.45%)
Total – 6690

Blacks are 3.9 times more likely than whites to steal from the person of another.

Possession of an article with a blade or point in a public place or on school premises:

White – 4518 (72.26%)
Black – 1034 (16.53%)
Asian – 224 (3.58%)
Other – 93 (1.48%)
Not stated – 383 (6.12%)
Total – 6252

Blacks are 5.9 times more likely than whites to commit of knife offences.

Possession of firearms, certificate related and miscellaneous firearms offences:

White – 989 (64.05%)
Black – 281 (18.19%)
Asian – 72 (4.66%)
Other – 33 (2.13%)
Not stated – 169 (10.94%)
Total – 1544

Blacks are 7.3 more likely than whites to commit firearms offences.

Notes on the statistics

While the Census data features a wide range of racial categories, the MoJ data includes just five: white, black, Asian, other, and not stated.

This makes it impossible to determine the mixed race crime rate. It is also difficult to determine exactly what is meant by ‘Asian’ in the MoJ data.

The ‘Asian’ population in the above calculations has been arrived at by adding together the Census categories of the following: ‘Asian/Asian British: Indian’, ‘Asian/Asian British: Pakistani’, ‘Asian/Asian British: Bangladeshi’, ‘Asian/Asian British: Asian Other’. It excludes ‘Asian/Asian British: Chinese’ and ‘Arab’.

At the first glance of these statistics, people may think that whites are committing most of the crime. That is because they are still the majority racial group, but the ethnic minorities especially in the black community compared to their percentage of the population, commit more crimes disproportionate to their percentage of the population. Therefore, as the ethnic minorities grow in number, the percentage of crime they commit will start to drastically overtake that of whites if current statistical trends and uncontrolled  immigration continue.

These official statistics are from both the 2011 Census and 2011 crime statistics from the Ministry of Justice, it is possible to calculate which races in England and Wales proportionally commit the most crime.

The statistics and the use of stop and search are not racial discrimination, they are facts. If for example, police are operating in an area of a city like London, where whole areas are majority black, then of course the majority of people being stopped will be black. The same is true in all white areas, more whites will be stopped than black. If blacks are being stopped and searched at a rate that is 7 times more than whites, then there has to be a reason other than so called 'racial discrimination' and these figures as far as I am concerned are the reason. Of course not all blacks commit these crimes, just as all whites dont, but if statistics show that certain racial groups are committing more crime compared to their percentage of the population then why is it so wrong to use those statistics when profiling potential criminals. Every white, every black and every Asian is a potential criminal, but it is sheer stupidity to ignore facts and it is ridiculous for leftists to start screaming about racism and discrimination whilst ignoring the statistics.

It also has to be said, that the majority of blacks who are victims of violent crime, robbery, gun crime, assault etc is down to other blacks.

Programmes like 'free speech' on the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, are driven by an agenda. The programme was hosted in Hackney a London borough with a large immigrant community (what London borough hasn't) and its host was your typical leftist. The panel was made up of people adhering to the same agenda, which is to portray everything as racist or discriminatory. One panelist whos name I dont remember, actually said what needed to be said, ie that statistics show that certain racial groups are committing more crimes so racial profiling is not only needed but right and proper. This was met with boos and derision from everybody in the studio.

When people who cry racism over such issues, it is simply because the term racism is the defense of people who do not like the truth.

De Nile is not just a river in Egypt.

Another typical argument of the left and the naive among us is that when whites commit crimes then it is just a crime, but when blacks commit crimes it is spoken of as a black crime. They will also say that there was crime before immigration, so why speak about the racial nature of crime because whites were committing crime long before immigration.

These arguments to many will seem valid, but what has to be remembered is that because of traitors in parliament immigration happened, it is still happening, and the criminals among them should never have been criminals for us to deal with. Of course whites commit crime and of course there was crime before immigration. However, the crime being committed was crime carried out by people who were our problem to deal with. Since mass immigration we now have foreign criminals who now it is our duty to also deal with. Do not the indigenous British people have a right to know about the problems mass non-white immigration has brought to thier country, including the fact that they are committing more crime. So yes it is a racial issue, this was once a white country, our towns and cities are being destroyed by intentional social and demographic engineering due to mass immigration and crime that has come with it, and which is being carried out disproportionately by non-whites compared to thier percentage of the population. People have every right to know the break down of crime statistics by race, what leftists would like to do is to have these statistics banned, so we have no idea who is committing the most crime, much like the ten yearly census has been done away with to cover up what is happening to our country and that whites are heading to minority status.

People only need look at black gangster music and films to see the criminal mentality that is prevalent in their culture and communities. I dont see them calling it racist when some black rapper is going on about gun crime, drugs or violence, no they adopt it as their culture and sadly some whites do to. Same applies to films in which crime, drugs and violence in the black community is central to the story of the film, no cries of racism there or of racial discrimination. It is something they embrace when in 'musical' form or portrayed in film, but in the real world it is racism even though the statistics show otherwise.

The fact of the matter is, liberals and non-whites cannot accept the truth of the matter. Rather than look at themselves, they blame everybody else especially evil old oppressive whitey who has kept them down since the big bang. Some blacks do acknowledge the problems in the black community, and admit that blacks themselves need to deal with it rather than blaming everybody else.

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