Monday, 11 November 2013

The 'White Elite' Myth

The white elite or the white power structure exists to oppress non-whites. The white elite created different social constructs such as race and gender, to oppress all non-whites and women, or so it goes.

Well consider these few thoughts which really should blow out the water the anti-white anti-family anti-Western agenda, using the lefts own arguments.

1, If race were a social construct, then how can there be a white power structure, how can there be a white elite. When we speak of white people, we mean ethnically European people just as blacks are known to be ethnically African. The colour descriptions for both are an indication of the most visible difference between us, and as they are commonly used to describe both Europeans and Africans by both nationalist and leftist, then they are as legitimate as the terms European and African. When proponents of the 'race is a social construct' narrative define us by racial categories in an instant like the leftists do, then surely they are confused, brainwashed, or deliberately trying to mislead naive whites into believing they do not exist as an ethnic group. If race were a social construct, then there can be no oppressed non-whites and no white oppressors, there can be no oppressed minorites. If they were true to the false message that they are trying to push, then they would call it a human power structure, or a human elite, or even oppressed human minority, after all we are 'one race the human race' or so they say.

2, What kind of oppressive racial elite, defined as whites by anti-whites, would support policies that harmed whites? If the 'white elite' were really oppressing non-whites for white group interests, then why are non-whites in white countries in such numbers, that will lead to white people becoming a minority in every white historical homeland. I wouldn't call that a white elite oppressing non-whites for the benefit of whites would you? So what do whites who are oppressed call the 'elite'? The people like me elite?

3, Why, if the so called 'white elite' do what they do to benefit whites and to hold non-whites back, are whites the target of a political system and academic onslaught that corrupts their mind from cradle to grave via tv, media, education, film and entertainment that conditions them to accept their impending minority status. Surely if the 'white elite' had the best interests of whites and whites alone at heart, then this wouldn't happen.

5, What privilege do whites have in historically white nations when they have been displaced in many areas, attacked, murdered, raped and intimidated as a result of this so called 'white elite' opening up our borders to the people they are supposed to be oppressing ie non-whites. Again, if a racial elite were working solely for the benefit of their own racial group, then why would they open up the borders and create conditions of life that harmed that racial group? If whites had some sort of privilege as a result of this elite, then why are so many whites living in poverty, why are they the victims of anti-white violence, brainwashing and the only racial group 'guilty' of historical wrong doing.

So who does it benefit when ethnically European nations are swamped with hordes of non-whites, because it is obviously not to the benefit of whites, or the mythical white elite that supposedly exists to oppress all non-whites. There must be some other explanation. If there were a supposed 'black power structure' or 'black elite' for example, do you think they would work against the best interests of blacks in favour of non-blacks? No me neither.

What can the other explanation be then? Maybe this 'white elite' is not really a white elite at all. Yes there are whites in positions of power, but their god is money, they dont do what they do for the betterment of whites but for themselves. These people are paid very well by their masters to sell out their own people to multiculturalism, and to implement the conditions of a globalised world financially, and an egalitarian nation and people destroying mindset culturally. Who are these puppets? The so called 'white elite.' They are the strategically placed leaders of nations, prime ministers, presidents, some 'bankers' ceos of globalist corporations, Judges, law makers, the EU etc who work not in the best interests of whites at all, but in the best interests of their financial handlers, ie the real people who pull the strings, the real bankers, those who control the media, who control the major globalist corporations, who control Western governmental polices both domestic and foreign and who's ideological agenda is geared towards a globalised government with these same people running the show. It is they who are the elite and always have been. They are happy to be thought of as a 'white elite' because it covers up the true face behind the mask.

This real elite, is in fact anti-white, anti-Western, anti-gentile and is the elite that has worked for the specific interests of their own group of people, not whites, but Jews. It is they who have been behind the opening of our borders, it is they who control the banks, it is they who have lobbied for our nations to get involved in strategic wars for the march of Jewish globalism, it is they who dominate the globalist corporations at the highest levels, it is they who control the media, entertainment, film and academia with naive white gentiles the public face of their agenda.

They are the ones who have been behind the 'race is a social construct' myth, ever since they infiltrated the field of anthropology with Franz Boas. In fact, a modern day Jewish anthropologist Jared Diamond, clearly stated that it was "great that we now have DNA studies to show who is Jew and non Jew." And it is DNA studies that Israel uses to determine who is Jewish and who isn't in their immigration policies, how about using DNA studies to determine who is European? Not needed though is it because it is fairly easy to spot a European and who isn't.

So according to Jewish anthropologists, race is a 'social construct' for white European gentiles, but for Jews it proves to them who is in fact Jewish. The sole reason for the 'race is a social construct' myth, is to lead gentiles into believing that there are no natural differences between human beings, they push the idea through their dominance in the field of anthropology and through academia. When whites fall for this myth, then they are more likely to accept the multiracial society forced upon them, and even when demographic experts predict that whites will become a minority this century in their own homeland, they dont see it as a problem, because they are convinced that it doesn't matter, to them we are all exactly the same in every way except skin colour. Even visual differences become meaningless to them never mind anything else.

They have also infiltrated the social sciences to indoctrinate white gentiles. They are the ones who have employed a divide and conquer strategy to turn European against European, woman against man, non-white against white. And they have very deviously pushed the idea, that it is a white elite that has been behind the oppression of the people of the world, and now have  empowered non-whites to destroy white European nations, who once just so happened to be the biggest threat to their goals.

The only things whites are guilty of, are allowing their history to be lied about, to be so naive they have given away cheaply their ancestral homeland to the third world because of a false belief instilled in them by Jewish academia, and to not oppose the glaringly obvious genocidal campaign being waged against them.

To summarise

A perceived white elite working in the best interests of whites, would not implement conditions that would lead to the destruction of whites, it makes no sense whatsoever. When you understand this, then you can see that there is something else behind it, and that whites as an ethnic group have been portrayed as historically evil, not by whites, but by a group working to undermine and destroy white identity and white self determination for their own group interests.

Whites are blamed for the slave trade, and white youth are 'taught' the same falsity, the truth is somewhat different. And the same Jewish agenda is behind it. Jews were disproportionately owners of and running the slave ships, they disproportionately owned slaves more compared to whites, they ran the slave markets and 40% of Jews in America owned slaves compared to 5% of whites, even though Jews were in the extreme minority. Again, history has been created to favour this group above Europeans because it was written by them. Europeans have not written their own truthful account of history, they have had it written for them and then had it drummed into them that they are somehow guilty for everything bad that has ever happened throughout history.  Jewish writers at the time of the slave trade admitted and noted their overwhelming involvement in it, even blacks are starting to awaken to this reality. Yet the history books that Europeans 'learn' from, continue to tell a different story.

The bottom line is that whilst there are undoubtedly whites involved for ideological and monetary reasons in the destruction of the West, the main players have always been Jews who despite what they will tell you, have a deep hatred of Christianity, the West, and Europeans. It is no coincidence that they have been kicked out of over 100 countries in times gone by for the same things they are doing now, they weren't expelled for nothing. And doesn't anybody find it strange that ever since they wormed their way back into these nations, they immediately resumed their attempts to control us, weaken us, brainwash and destroy us. This time around they have been more successful.

There is NO white elite working for the best interests of whites at the expense of non-whites, there is no white privilege, race is not a social construct and whites have nothing to feel guilty or apologetic about, our history is magnificent, we should all have pride in our people's achievements as an ethnic group.

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