Monday, 10 March 2014

Children of Cultural Marxism

Here is another really good piece sent in to us from somebody currently in the cultural marxist institutions of further 'education' otherwise known as lunatic asylums. It is great when people send us their own accounts of personal experiences in this system, and it is encouraging to know that there are people who are aware of their surroundings and the agenda that seeks to corrupt their minds. Their imput is invaluable in showing the day to day reality of the mind bending that occurs.

Hello there. My real name is ***** ****** and I am a Greek Canadian I am 21 years old, currently studying Political Science in a university. Though University is a real title, I feel that I go to a post-secondary institution.

This school is madness, full of hippie liberals both faculty and students. In my 4 years of studying here, I have not had 1 semester where I was not "taught" by a wacko looking liberal you would otherwise pass as a janitor had you seen them not in a buttoned down shirt. Their program is anti-Western.

In politics I learned that 'integration' is a 'good thing', national borders are 'bad' and must be eliminated and all trade should be free. Anything to do with conservatism gets outright slandered while liberal and "free-thinking ideas" are praised. People come in as regular students and leave with radical ideas.

In sociology I was taught that patriarchy is a form of oppression, and 'racism' is innate in all whites and is a systemic process in Western society. It can be calculated by age and socio-economic class (and I kid you not this is what my "professor" told me).

In Geography I learned that the third world can blame all its failures on the first world. Oh what a joke of a class that was. Led by an anti-white feminist loony liberal with crazy hair, I wrote an essay using a liberal thesaurus and earned 80%. On the final exam I said things how they were and took a Conservative approach and got a 50%. She basically couldn't fail me in the end because when I argued there is more work ethic in America than there is in Ethiopia and therefore USA is far more prosperous and the two stock exchange markets (which she spent a class on trying to prove the other way) prove it, she couldn't say no-entirely.

This year I got cited for plagarism on a "personal essay about a place." Apparently talking about Canada and our history had improper citations (forgive me if I know more than my own professor). A friend of mine is in a class called "sexual liberation" and the entire class was forced to stand and "fake an orgasm". The objective of this exercise apparently was to help people feel comfortable with their sexuality.

All in all, I often read your posts, I see the cultural Marxist propaganda first hand, and have battled my way through this institution of which I'm probably going to leave in the short future. A degree in this place isn't even worth it, there are plenty of other ways of being successful than being indoctrinated to hate our way of life.

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