Saturday, 31 May 2014

Metzitzah B'Peh

Metzitzah b'peh is a homosexual-paedophile practice carried out in Talmudic Judaism, within which a mohel; that is to say a rabbi who carries out genital-mutilation; puts the freshly circumcised penis of the infant boy into his mouth and sucks it until the blood stops flowing from the wound on the child's penis.[1] 

This "oral tradition" is different to the circumcision practiced in the Old Testament, rather the fellatio bris milah of the Talmudists is based on the halacha and custom (minhag).[2] It is the only major religion which demands fellatio with children. 

Generally they manage to keep knowledge of the act out of the media spotlight, but modern cases in New York City, where diseases such as herpes have been passed onto the babies, causing the death of an infant in one cases, put the practice under scrutiny.[1][3] 

While Jewish journalists energetically wax-lyrical about a minority of deviant liberal-homosexuals who have infiltrated Christianity, carrying out perversions contrary to their religion, their silence is deafening when it comes to the rabbis sucking boy's penises as a matter of basic practice

The mohel brings the baby’s organ into his mouth immediately after the excision of the foreskin and sucks blood from it vigorously. This action lowers the internal pressure in the tissues of the organ, in the blood vessels of the head of the organ and in the exposed ends of the arterioles that have just been cut. Thus, the difference between the pressure in the blood vessels in the base of the organ and the pressure in the blood vessels at its tip is increased. This requirement has deep religious significance as well as medical benefits.
Mordechai Halperin, Metzitzah B’peh Controversy: The View from Israel, Jewish Action.[4]

According to the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, "this procedure is widely accepted, and 60% to 90% of newborn boys of the Jewish population in the United States undergo this procedure", going on to state that it has an "important cultural and historical role".[5] The exact number of children who fall victim to the practice is unknown; some "Reform Judaism" proponents reject the fellatio method, though still have their babies genitals mutilated. The statistics for the babies in the Zionist State itself is unknown to the outside world. Rabbi Moshe Meiselman claims that it is heresy not to perform metzitzah b'peh on the child's penis.[6]


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