Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Former Homosexual says nobody is 'born gay'.

As we have said before, opposition to the militant homosexual agenda does not have to based on religion. This link refers to religion being the reason for a former homosexual changing his lifestyle but I don't subscribe to that. He may believe this was the reason, but maybe it was just the subconscious realisation that the lifestyle he was living was not a natural lifestyle.

Deep down every 'homosexual' knows this, their lifestyle is based on choices they make and behaviour they choose to engage in. Nobody is born homosexual, it is a behaviour that somebody adopts later in life. Heterosexual behaviour is a choice in accordance with nature, the choice to survive, to procreate and to bare offspring.

If somebody is 'born' a homosexual ie preferring the same sex, then going by that logic, somebody is 'born' a paedophile, but nobody is. It is another choice made by the individual, a sickening and unnatural abnormal behaviour that nobody in their right mind would condone or accept as 'normal'.

The 'normalisation' of homosexuality is based on the false assumption that it is something you are born with, like your gender or race and therefore is completely normal and natural, but this is wrong. If homosexuality as a sexual behaviour is 'normal', then paedophilia as an abnormal and unnatural sexual behaviour would be considered 'normal', but it isn't because it is a vile and abhorrent way for an adult to behave.

Homosexuals will say the difference is consent, and yes one man may consent for another man to do the unspeakable, but that doesn't make it normal, it is a behavioural choice made by 2 men or 2 women, not something they were born with that advances humanity or adheres to natural laws. It is a state of mind not of biology.

Once you start regarding homosexual behaviour as normal, then it leaves the gates open to hell, for if one unnatural sexual choice is presented as normal, then where does it stop? If enough humans were engaging in sexual acts with animals and said they were born that way, would it then become legal for humans to have sex with animals? How about corpses?

Will we ever see the day when a man in high heels and make up walks a chicken up the aisle wearing a veil with the church organ playing the chicken song?

See link for the story of a former homosexual

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