Sunday, 20 July 2014

Israel, the True Aggressor Since 1948

Any other state that was currently engaged in military action which was slaughtering children, would be dealt with by the United Nations. Israel however has the freedom to massacre children and whole families with impunity. This goes to show that Western governments and the United Nations are controlled at the highest levels by Jewish financial and media manipulation. They dare not criticise Israel, they wouldn't dare impose sanctions on them, and they certainly wouldn't threaten them with military action, why not? There will be voices of opposition to what Israel is doing, but it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors in relation to the bigger picture of controlled Western nations turning the other cheek.

Every bomb that is dropped on Gaza and which kills an innocent child, is paid for with your tax money. Israel and its military hardware is bought and paid for by you, via your government funding them with your money. The killing of children is being done in your name. America funds Israel to the tune of roughly $3 billion a year. It is a nuclear state which has failed to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Stop the funding of this state founded on lies, ethnic cleansing and terrorism.

This isn't about being pro-Islam, it is about understanding the truth of what has gone on in Palestine since 1948. The ethnic cleansing, the massacres, the stolen land and the childrens lives ruined forever. It is about the realisation that the problems in the world today and especially in the Middle East are a result of Israeli aggression in Palestine which has a knock on effect in our nations. Some people will say let them kill each other why should we care. We should care, because it is not a fair fight and our nations are funding the state of Israel who are killing children with high tech missiles, artillery and bombardment from the sea. Nobody in their right mind can not fail to be angered at the images of children dying, limbs missing, shrapnel wounds and half a head because of what Israel is doing.

The media paints a picture of Hamas aggression, and il put it to you this way. If for decades your people were being blown to bits, your mother, father, son, daughter, niece or nephew had been killed would you not be filled with a desire for revenge? Because that is what has happened since 1948. If your people had been ethnically cleansed from their homes and forced into a piece of land hardly fit for animals whilst the invaders kept you imprisoned, would you not fight back? Just think about it, we in Europe are losing our homelands, and we have every right to oppose it, and so do the Palestinians in Palestine. If boat loads of foreigners turned up on your shores claiming that your land was their land because God said so, and proceeded to force you and your families out of your land using terrorism, what would you do?

Not only Muslims have suffered in Palestine since 1948. Christians have been dispossessed and killed also, this is a little known fact. Israel doesn't care whether it be Christian or Muslim in Palestine, they care only about the stealing of land to create space for the expansion of the 'Jewish state.'

We could go on and on about this, but most of you know the truth already. For those of you that don't, the next time you hear the laughter of your children, just remember that children the same age are dying daily in Gaza. I don't get kicks of seeing children suffer just because they are Muslim, that would make me as bad as the Israelis dropping their bombs on them.

Wanting to preserve our own people and culture does not have to mean hatred of others and ignorance to the plight of the innocent in other parts of the world. Especially when the people carrying out the atrocities are also the ones committed to OUR downfall aswel.

We all want a Europe free of the threat of Islam in all its forms, but at the same time we have to understand who is pulling the strings and who is manipulating our people into misguided support for the real aggressors.

There has to be an end to this, but what is it? A two state solution? I personally don't think the Palestinians would benefit from any deal which would be heavily in favour of Israel.

The argument that Israel is the land of the Jews because 2000+ years ago they had lived in the region is no justification whatsoever for the last 70 years of systematic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. The 'right of return' or Aliyah, means that a Jew who has never set foot in that part of the world can up and leave to Israel, and occupy the homes and land of people who have lived there for hundreds of years simply because they are Jewish. The Palestinians have no right of return, they can't go home, they can't even visit the graves of their relatives.

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