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Deracinationism and Cultural Marxism


Deracination ideology is about deconstructing race. It is about nullifying the effects of belonging and Völkerhass in order to bring about a unification of all mankind. It is about teaching it out of people. Deracination ideology is the major content of Political correctness. Deracination is about making the raceless, cosmopolitan man. It is also known as anti-racism.

It's methodology is the social re-engineering of mankind by deracinating him. Deracination ideology comes out of International Socialism. The first proponent is Karl Marx, who is the pioneer of this movement [under the mentorship of Moses Hess the philosophical founder of Zionism]. Because Culture defines politics (the culture must be changed in order for the politics to be changed), it is about changing the culture to bring about One World Government. By deracinating man, the socialists/humanists are attempting to bring about the socialist goal of perpetual peace. [Or perpetual revolution and genocide]

Deracination means: (1) To pull out by the roots; uproot"; (2) "To displace from one's native or accustomed environment".

The deracination ideology inherent in Communism (International Socialism) led to a backlash and the creation of National Socialism, which had the aim of defending one's race.

Origin in Communist Ideology

"Nationalism and Marxism are incompatible."

Deracination ideology is a plank of Marxism/communism which seeks to end race and the nation-state. This idea began when Karl Marx published his Communist Manifesto that ended in the words, "All the workers of the world unite". John C. Kiang traces this movement to socialism:

"As far as world unity is concerned, Marx and Engels were the pioneers who expounded that modern industry had furnished a real foundation for a world unity, and declared not only that “working men have no country,..."

but also that:

"Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationalities."

In this declaration Marx and Engels claimed that the struggle of the workers was international in essence. National differences, they pointed out, were being wiped out by the development of free trade, by the growth of a world market, and by the increasing uniformity of industrial and social conditions. The workers in particular were being denationalized by modern industry, and had no fatherland."

"Engels argued explicitly that the atomisation and deracination caused by international capitalism was the necessary precursor to worldwide emancipation: "The disintegration of mankind into a mass of isolated, mutually repelling atoms," he wrote, "means the destruction of all corporate, national and indeed of any particular interests and is the last necessary step towards the free and spontaneous association of men."

Socialism's goal is internationalist.
"Modern Socialism is essentially international".
"The State is not 'abolished'. It dies out".

Socialism/Communism seek the establishment of a One World Government and in order to make this work, the culture must be in place in order for the politics to succeed. Deracination plays an important part in socialist/communist ideology and methodology in order to prepare the people worldwide to adopt a world government.

Furthermore, Socialism/Marxism/Communism seek a classless society. In order to bring that about, races and racial cohesion must be deconstructed. In this vein, the German communist Rosa Luxemburg wrote a famous essay titled "The Nationalities Question in the Russian Revolution" where she excoriates Lenin's encouraging of self-determination amongst the bordering nations of Soviet Russia. She points out that this agenda of Lenin is counterproductive to International Socialism:

"It is obvious that the phrases concerning self-determination and the entire nationalist movement, which at present constitute the greatest danger for international socialism,..."

Nationalism in her regard is considered reactionary.

Stalin allowed for nationalist movements but only as a step that must occur;

but then:

"In the next stage of the period of world dictatorship of the proletariat -when the world socialist system of economy becomes sufficiently consolidated and socialism becomes part and parcel of the life of the peoples, and when practice convinces the nations of the advantages of a common language over national languages, national differences and languages will begin to die away and make room for a world language, common to all nations."

The Marxist goal is the deconstruction of differences in order for the establishment of socialism world-wide. Nationalism is seen as a necessary step, a prelude, that precedes the eventual formation of one world, one humanity.

Methodology of deracination:

(1) Stigmatizing natural patriotism as "racism".
(2) Denying race exists.
(3) Denying that there are inherent racial differences.
(4) Denying that racialism exists.
(5) Teaching that to have "racial prejudice" is wrong. Criminalizing such behavior.
(6) Classifying racial epithets as "Hate Speech".

Effects of deracination

• Rootlessness. Stress. A sense of belonging gives one a sense of security and self-assurance.

• Loss of loyalty. Harm to country where people have no loyalty. Acts of treason become easier. Sense of community suffers. Loss of historical context. Loss of one's place in history. Connection to the past.

• Increased miscegenation.

Telos of deracination:

• Race disappears. Atomization of man. To end the Jewish question.

Philosophy of deracination:

• Nihilism Deracination is a type of metaphysical genocide. The destruction of boundaries.



International Socialism/Communism/Cultural Marxism are all tools of the Nwo, financed and pushed by Jewish bankers from the very beginning and to this day. For a nwo to happen needs the erosion of national, ethnic and cultural identity, aswel as national borders. This can be seen in the European Union, a centralised cultural marxist/globalist parliament where nations borders are only visible on maps but in reality national borders in Europe were lost decades ago. An EU in which so called independent national governments are subservient to the seat of power in Brussels.

This is designed predominantly to weaken ethnically European nations by flooding them with the third world and calling it 'diversity' and 'cultural enrichment.' Any opposition to this narrative will be hauled before the courts and imprisoned for hate speech by a conformist judge in a corrupt judiciary.

The result of mass non-European immigration and brainwashing via media and education is the erosion of loyalty to ones people and nation, being replaced with naive conformist attitudes to an International Socialist deception, which leads ethnically European people down the globalist nwo path via subscribing to the cultural marxist indoctrination that is the modern day tool of Deracinationism.


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