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Jewish Deception Merchant purposefully fails to mention the Jewish role in the destruction of Europe

Once again another article with quotes from a Jew, Israeli politician and chairman of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky, which is full to the brim with self-pity, hypocrisy and self styled victimhood. If Jews want to leave Europe then let them, but let them go to a land that is uninhabited and where there are no people to ethnically cleanse, drop bombs on and terrorise in order for them to build a homeland.

The majority of hostility towards Jews in Europe has come from the immigrant community especially the Islamic immigrants. Funnily enough it was Jewish groups who were behind the mass Islamic immigration into Europe in the first place. Like we have said, this was for two reasons, to create sympathy for Israel by creating in Europe a clash of civilisations between the indigenous people and the Islamic hordes. And secondly, it was a strategy to destroy the demographic make up of Europe and Christianity which they hate just as much as they do Islam. So we Europeans are facing the Islamification of our continent due to a hostile fifth column who use it to manipulate us, and to destroy us.

Natan Sharansky said:

"Jews had historically and naturally felt very much at home in the liberal, progressive parts of European society, *they were part of developing that*" he added. "Now, the ideology of liberalism has become bound-up with multiculturalism, against religion, against nationalism.

"These two forces [anti-Zionist campaigners on the Left, and Muslim radicals] are not allies, but they inevitably are co-operating and work in one direction. One side hates Jews *as a race*, the other blames Israel for being racist. Unless this changes, Jews will not continue to live in Europe.

"Europe's new ideology comes from John Lennon; let’s see the world without anyone having religion, or cultural identity, without state, without nationality. Europe has embraced this."

"Israel is proud of its national character, it wants its own borders, and that is a relic, as far as European liberals are concerned and they don’t like it," he continued.

Right lets consider what he has said, he said that Jews felt at home in the liberal progressive parts of Europe that they helped to create. Yes, the liberal progressive mentality that is destroying Europe he means, which is exactly what they aimed to do. He said the ideology of 'liberalism' has become bound up in multiculturalism, against religion and nationalism. Again, something which Jews have played a leading role in. They are against any form of European nationalism, but support Jewish nationalism. They oppose and despise Christianity, and have led the efforts to remove people from the moral foundations of Christianity and they have been at the forefront of advocating multiculturalism and multiracialism ONLY for European nations.

He does get something partly right, that being the coalition between the useful idiot left and Muslims in Europe which is mostly based on opposition to what is happening in Palestine. And to make it perfectly clear, you don't have to form coalitions with either the left or Islam to oppose what Israel is doing in Palestine.

He also admits that the Jews are a race, which he says Muslims hate them for.

Basically in Europe you have different groups opposing different things. You have the Muslims who hate Israel because of Palestine, you have the left who hate Israel because of Palestine. You also have Muslims who hate Europe and the West and would love nothing more than to see Europeans become a minority, just like the Jews and left would love nothing more than to see this. Then you have so called nationalists who only oppose Islam and who naively support Israel even though Jews opened their borders to Islam. These so called nationalists also support multiculturalism, gay rights, miscegenation etc and are only opposed to Islam making them nothing like true nationalists at all.

It is no coincidence that Jews have been prominent leaders and financiers of the counter-jihad movement, which whips up the European people into an anti-Islam frenzy and which encourages support of Israel. These Jews involved in the counter-jihad movement also support multiculturalism and all other cultural marxist ideas, but just want to create a clash of civilisations that benefits Israel, they have no real concern for, or interest in the people of Europe. The Jewish involvement in the counter-jihad movement uses Islam as sand to kick in the faces of Europeans which blinds them to the true cause of the problem.

Then you have true nationalists, who oppose Islam in Europe but who also oppose Israel and the Jewish control over our nations institutions and who dominate media, banking and politics. Real nationalists who recognise the Jewish role in the opening of our borders, and their leading role in all leftist movements. Nationalists who understand that Palestine was ethnically cleansed by Jews with the support of our treacherous political elites, and who also understand that all of the wars of the 20th and 21st century have been created to specifically benefit Jews and Israel. Nationalists who will not support Israel or Jews just because we have a major problem with Islam in Europe, a problem that Jews and their political treacherous whores have created and which the useful idiot treacherous left support.

He then went on to blame John Lennon for the state of Europe. Although John Lennon did become a hippy leftist and may have had an influence on many people through his music and political thoughts on war and peace, he certainly is not responsible for the Europe we see before us. What a ridiculous suggestion and pathetic attempt to deflect the blame from the disproportionate Jewish role in it. It would be worthwhile pointing out that the manager of the Beatles was the Jewish homosexual pervert Brian Epstein.

'let’s see the world without anyone having religion, or cultural identity, without state, without nationality'

The above is a Jewish Communist cultural marxist concept for European consumption alone. Lennon may have sang about it, but Jews enforced it, encouraged it and subversively implemented it.

He then went on to say that "Israel is proud of its national character, it wants its own borders, and that is a relic, as far as European liberals are concerned and they don’t like it."

This Jewish deceiver cannot really expect us to fall for his lies that say European liberals alone are responsible for the anti-borders mentality. Do I really need to refer you a certain Barbara Spectre and her quote about the Jewish role in opening European borders to the third world? Or the Jewish quotes about their involvement in opening American borders to the third world to benefit specifically Jewish interests. What this Jewish deception merchant means, is that Jews respect their own rights to have a national border but they do not respect the rights of European nations to have the same. When he says that 'Israel is proud of its national character,' he means its Jewish character. However he and his fellow tribal supremacists do not believe that European nations have the right to be proud of and want to preserve the European character of their nations. Hypocritical deceiver.

What he is doing is to slyly deflect attention away from the Jewish role in everything he criticises Europe for. He blames European liberals, John Lennon, Multiculturalism, Islam and the left, but nowhere does he mention the Jewish role in it all.

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