Thursday, 4 September 2014

Louise Mensch telling some truth but not the whole truth

Louise Mensch the former conservative MP for Corby, and former member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, has taken to twitter to highlight the mass grooming of young white girls by Muslim grooming gangs in Britain. Fair enough you might say, and I support anyone who is bringing attention to it for the right reasons based on moral integrity. The issue here is her naivety in relation to her links to the Jewish community and her hypocrisy in relation to her attacking those who have been attempting to highlight this Muslim grooming scandal for years.

Mensch has a close relationship with the Jewish community having a connection with them dating back to her time as a student in Oxford, when she joined Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's Chabad L'Chaim Society. She also married Jewish Metallica manager Peter Mensch and recently moved to America.

On twitter she has displayed her obvious naivety and hypocrisy by proclaiming that:

'there is no stereotyping of a community, there is recognition that a splinter group of criminals have one background in common.'

In relation to the Muslim grooming gangs this is correct, however her obvious support for Jews has made her look a little bit silly to those who recognise that there is also another splinter group of criminals who have one background in common. They are the Jewish criminals who control the banking system, the mass media, the porn industry, the 'entertainment industry,' and who have a disproportionate influence in Western politics and Western foreign policy. She also doesn't seem to understand that the illegal wars that have taken place over the last decade have been in the strategic and geopolitical interests of Israel. Jewish criminals orchestrated that war, and thousands of our troops were killed securing Israels borders.

Maybe she would like to highlight this aswel, probably not. If you are going to correctly state in relation to the Muslim grooming gangs that they have one background in common, which is true, then also acknowledge the war mongering criminals in finance, media, entertainment and politics who have one common Jewish background. She would probably scream 'anti-semitism' at this truism.

Her true side comes out in another tweet in which she states that the cases of Muslim grooming are examples of religious and racial hatred against young white girls, but then goes on to say that the BNP who were bringing attention to this ten years ago, are 'mostly white English ethnic skinhead thugs.'

Louise Mensch might want to remember that she was also probably calling the BNP racists ten years ago when they were highlighting this problem, and were threatened with prison for doing so. The BNP at that time along with other organisations, were telling the truth she now apparently recognises. They were warning about the dangers of mass immigration and what the future of Britain would be, and people like her allowed it to happen by using the silencing words of 'racist' 'intolerant' and 'bigots.' So don't jump on your high horse now pretending to be some enlightened soul when you still use the same silencing words to slander people who were way ahead of the game whilst you were kissing behinds in Westminster.

She is exactly the kind of person who has always been part of the problem and not part of the solution. She was part of the political class that allowed this to happen in Britain, and now she has the audacity to appear innocent of all responsibility. All politicians who supported multiculturalist policies allowed this to happen and are every bit as guilty as the perpetrators as far as I am concerned. If the political class of which she was a part of had listened to nationalist organisations in the first place, then this may not have happened.

The reason this vile behaviour went on for so long is because the police and the authorities feared the label of racist, and this two faced parliamentary hypocrite is still using it to attack people who were being called racist ten years ago for daring to speak the truth.

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