Sunday, 26 October 2014

Orania - A Model For the Future?

Orania is a South African town that is located along the Orange River in the arid Karoo region of its Northern Cape province. Orania is unique in that its population is almost entirely Afrikaner. The aim of the town is to create a stronghold for Afrikaans and the Afrikaner identity by keeping their language and culture alive. Anyone who defines themselves as an Afrikaner and identifies with Afrikaner ethnicity is welcome in Orania. It has schools, a museum and even its own currency, the Ora.

More about the Orania Movement:

The Orania Movement is an Afrikaans cultural movement with the aim to restore Afrikaner freedom in an independant, democratic Republic based on Christian values and a healthy balance between independence and cooperation with surrounding areas.

From ghost town to dream town….that is the story of Orania! But where did it all start?

History of Orania:

Watch the following video:

Orania - A whites only town in South Africa is living proof that nationalism works. Where else in South Africa can you leave doors unlocked and let your children play out in the street.

Predictably this town has been labeled 'racist due to the fact it wishes to preserve the Afrikaans own cultural identity in a country where White South Africans face an ongoing genocide. It is a town that is self sufficient and whos motto is 'working for freedom.' You can imagine how the leftists reacted to such a place, after all how dare those whites set up a town exclusively for their own people which specifically looks out for them and wishes to preserve its cultural and ethnic identity.

Those opposed to what the people of Orania stand for, will never be happy until whites the world over have self destructed and destroyed ourselves culturally and ethnically in every nation that we live in. The mere suggestion that whites wish to live among their own people and to live in their own culturally homogenous Republic is not tolerated by the tolerance brigade. I wonder if they oppose the tribes of the amazon rainforest who also live in a culturally homogenous environment. Only whites are expected to mix with non-whites in white countries you will never see a demand for more 'diversity' in Africa or Asia.

I say good on the people of Orania, and hope to see many more of these towns popping up all over the white Western world.

In light of future demographic predictions this is something that white Europeans may have to seriously consider if we want to exert our right to self determination and ensure a future for our children.

New promotional video for Orania in English:

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