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   THE POWDER KEG OF DENIAL                  

In 1950, UNESCO declared that race does not exist, that it is a myth. This came after the subversion of the social sciences by the entrance of large numbers of Jews into the field. Franz Boas, and Claude Lévi-Strauss among many others, became very influential, Boas rejected race, but his stance and work was far from empirical, it was little more than critique, a self-serving theory. “Lévi-Strauss’s writings were aimed at enshrining cultural differences and subverting universalism of the West, a position that validated the position of Judaism as a non-assimilating group. Like Boas, Lévi-Strauss rejected biological and evolutionary theories.”  Boas became the so-called father of American anthropology, his disciples went on to found anthropology departments in universities all over the country, and with them, the pseudo-science of race denial was taught to generations of students, all while physical anthropologists are teaching how to identify the race of a person from their remains. It is almost laughable, if it were not so serious. “In sociology, the advent of Jewish intellectuals in the pre-World War 2 period resulted in “a level of politicization unknown to sociology’s founding fathers.” Marx replaced Darwin. These Jews held all other theories to rigorous empirical standards, while holding their own theories to no standard of evidence at all. This method has become the status quo for all leftist arguments and movements that are the many tentacles of Cultural Marxism.           Here we will take a look at IQ, as just one aspect of the clear differences between races of men, with focus on the Black and White differences, and why it matters.    

The differences in IQ between Blacks and Whites is attacked in the same way leftist intellectuals attack everything else they don’t like, they demand rigorous empirical standards while holding themselves to no standards at all. It is attacked from an ideological perspective, and not a scientific one, when the empirical standards are repeatedly met, they simply call it “racist” and end the conversation. IQ is sound science, no matter how much it is denied, the correlation between IQ and outcomes in a number of areas is well established. If IQ was faulty, then performance would not be in line with scores, but performance and outcomes are in line with scores, regardless of socio economic standing or other environmental conditions.  

The largest and most rigorous studies on IQ show a standard deviation of 1.21 between Blacks and Whites, with a Black mean of about 85, and a White mean of about 100. “It is important to understand as well that a difference of 1.2 standard deviations means considerable overlap in cognitive ability distribution for blacks and whites…”  This considerable overlap occurs on the low side of the White mean, and the high side of the Black mean. Black IQ distribution above the White mean of 100 is very low compared to the distribution between 80 and 90. “At the lower end of the IQ range, there are approximately equal numbers of blacks and whites. But throughout the upper half of the range, the disproportions between the number of whites and blacks at any given IQ level are huge. To the extent that the difference represents an authentic difference in cognitive functioning, the social consequences are potentially huge as well.”    

Let’s take a look at just a couple of areas where IQ has shown its importance.  Much attention is given to Black-White unemployment rates in the US, we will add Latinos here because they are represented in the data available. After controlling for an IQ of 100, the unemployment difference for Blacks shrinks by more than half. The Latino, White difference disappears completely, and the White rate actually rises 1% point.     Controlling for IQ of 100 cuts the poverty differential by 77% for Blacks, and 74% for Latinos. Whites in poverty with a IQ of 100 come in at 6%, Blacks 11%, Latinos 9%. This compared to the 7% White, 26% Black, 18% Latino in the general US population.  Controlling for an IQ of 100, cuts the Black-White disparity in low birth weight babies by half. Controlling for IQ reduces the discrepancy between White and minority children living In poverty by more than 80%.  Controlling for IQ more than eliminates overall ethnic differences in developmental indexes. Controlling for IQ cuts Black-White difference in incarceration rates by three quarters. Controlling for IQ cuts the gap in Black-White welfare rates by half, and the Latino-White gap by 84%. When controlling for IQ of 100, Blacks and Latinos are more likely than Whites to get a college degree and end up in a high paying job. (Affirmative Action at work)    We can see that clearly, IQ matters. IQ differences between Blacks and Whites matter. We also know that many Blacks are at the high end of the cognitive classes, cognitive classes being Very Dull, Dull, Normal, Bright, and Very Bright. The discrepancy is in the numbers and averages. While the majority of Whites fall into the Normal class, with a much larger distribution in the Bright and Very Bright classes than their distribution in the Dull and very Dull classes, Blacks are just the opposite. The majority of blacks fall into the Dull class with a large number in the Very Dull class, Black representation in IQ distribution starts to fall sharply when it hits the Normal range (90-110) and even more sharply when it hits the White mean of 100. It continues to drop drastically until the gap between the differences in the percentage of Whites and Blacks in the high end of the Normal, Bright and Very Bright classes is absolutely huge.    

We can see the realities of IQ clearly in the differences in development and standards of Europe and European diaspora Nations and communities throughout the world, compared to Black African Nations and communities throughout the world. As well as the difference between Asian and Black African nations and communities throughout the world. East Asians have a slightly higher mean than Whites, though not nearly as large as the standard deviations between Blacks and Whites.    

The Blacks who are at the Normal and above classes of cognitive ability are simply to few to carry the majority of their population that fall into the Dull and Very Dull classes, and their Nations and communities show this repeatedly. At the same time, Whites whose majorities fall into the Normal and above classes are able to cope with and carry the much smaller percentages of their population that fall into the Dull and Very Dull classes. Again, this is seen manifest in European, and European derived populations throughout the globe.  

The consequences of ignoring racial realities are dire. Resentment will continue to grow from both those who cannot understand their inability to succeed in Western Nations, and the Western people who created those Nations resentment at having to constantly pull the weight of others not of their blood who not only do not appreciate it, but resent them for it, with incessant cries of racism and oppression.  We are quickly reaching the tipping point where the burden of carrying the weight of the Black underclass will become to great a task, and one that is simply not worth the Lefts promised rewards that never have, and never will come, because they are ideologically, and not organically driven. Race denial is a powder keg, the fuse is resentment that will lead to the inevitable explosion of conflict and suffering for all.   -7  

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